From chamber boutique hotels in the heart of the bustling city center to top-notch resorts, Qatar offers various accommodation options for its guests. We’ve chosen not only the most arty and beautiful locations, but also environmentally-conscious ones. Explore green solutions implemented by hotels in Qatar, and start planning your next vacation — here sustainability and joy go hand in hand.

sustainability level

Every single destination from the list was selected based on certain criteria — sustainability level. Here’s a short explanation on the term. Environmental problems are to be addressed on multiple levels:

Level 1. Social = sharing natural resources and economic activity in a way that is equitable  

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Level 2. Economic = encouraging businesses to conduct in a more environmentally and socially sustainable way

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Level 3. Environmental = focusing on reducing carbon footprints, packaging waste, water usage, etc.

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Bismillah Hotel

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Rich history and beautiful architecture

Bismillah Hotel is located in the heart of Doha historic center — authentic Souq Waqif marketplace, which is definitely one of Qatar cultural gems. Built more than 50 years ago, Bismillah was largely inspired by traditional Islamic art and calligraphy. At the same time the hotel is modernized, offering just two refined suites. The guests won’t be overwhelmed by the noise of the market, as the hotel is surrounded by gardens. One can relax in spa or enjoy the tantalizing flavors of Qatari food.

As for the environment, the hotel takes steps to acquire sustainable way of living. Bismillah features a green roof, contributing to temperature regulation and decreased energy usage, along with an upper-level garden and a pool powered by solar energy.

Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som

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Luxury getaway amidst the desert

Zulal Wellness Resort is the Middle Eastern branch of Chiva Som — Thai wellness retreat. This is a perfect place for those who seek serenity and total reset. Lying on the northern tip of Qatar, Zulal embraces Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM) as its philosophy. Come there to reconnect with nature, experience mind-body therapies, and explore remote sand dunes.

Designed to be environmentally friendly, Zulal is in harmony with the surrounding landscapes. The resort uses a desalination plant to provide water, recycles grey water for irrigation, and has its own power generation facility that runs on renewable energy sources. Moreover, in 2022 Zulal announced partnership with UNESCO, organizing a mangrove plantation program.

Banyan Tree Doha

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Splendid hotel in Doha Oasis

Banyan Tree is an outstanding venue in terms of architecture and design. Featuring both traditional Arabic elements like arches and courtyards and modern shapes, it’s delicately combining rich heritage with contemporary style. The onsite spa is inspired by Arabic healing practices and offers a variety of treatments, which allows guests to fully retreat without even leaving the city.

The hotel takes water conservation seriously, implementing grey water recycling (which is reused for irrigation). The restaurants in Banyan Tree use only locally sourced food, and grow organic fruits and vegetables.

La Cigale Hotel

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Gourmet destination in the Doha business center

Cigale, or cicada is a small insect which produces very special noise. This creature inspired the name of a luxurious 5-star hotel in Doha. Located in the bustling Al Sadd area, La Cigale is surrounded by shopping malls and high end restaurants, while city center is just a short drive away. The hotel offers 225 rooms, from cozy Deluxe options to grandiose Royal Suite. Indoor swimming pool, and wellness center with spa and gym are there to make your stay relaxing and flawless.

La Cigale implements a range of environmentally friendly practices, such as use of solar panels, grey water recycling, energy-efficient lighting. Also La Cigale grows its own fruits and vegetables, which are then used by chefs in the hotel’s restaurants.

Mondrian Doha

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Distinctive style and passion for art

The Mondrian Hotel unites Arab and Dutch culture in the most refined way. Inspired by Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, the hotel was designed by Marcel Wanders, who also comes from the Netherlands. The decoration is bright and bold, especially in the rooms where one can experience a modern Arabian Nights. Multiple restaurants, state-of-the-art spa complex, sandy beach within a short walk — the Mondrian is definitely a must visit.

Moreover, the hotel is recognized for its sustainable operations by Qatar’s Ministry of Environment. The Mondrian recycles almost all of the hotel waste, and uses green roof to provide natural insulation and cooling. Of course, they feature grey water recycling system as well.

Concept: Eco-Floating Hotel, by Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studi


In 2021, designer Hayri Atak introduced his futuristic project — the Eco-Floating Hotel, first thought to be constructed in Doha. This project adopted the idea of minimum energy loss and zero waste. The hotel is designed to be located right in the sea and to generate electricity by rotating around its position according to the water Current. The rotation should also provide guests with different perspective experiences (just imagine, no more battles for a room with a better view!). The Eco-Floating Hotel features construction area of 35,000 m2 and a total of 152 rooms. First thought to be completed in 2025, the project is most likely on hold now, but we believe that one day this dream eco-island will come true.

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