Qatar, with its futuristic charm, is embracing a green revolution with a surge in eco-friendly businesses dedicated to sustainability. Here, we unveil a collection of Qatari eco-businesses, illuminating their contributions to a greener future. Take a sip of cold fizzy and enjoy this piece about Qatar’s karma-positive entities and initiatives.

Following Huda Ibrahim, Head of Marketing and Communications at KPMG in Qatar, one can say that Qatar is one of the drivers in this global trend:

“Qatar has made significant strides towards a sustainable future. They’ve invested in renewable energy, including solar and wind power, and have introduced policies to reduce carbon emissions. Initiatives like the Qatar National Vision 2030 outline their commitment to sustainability” (here you can learn more about Qatar 2030).

However, the importance of this conscious stream isn’t only reflected in governmental initiatives but is also articulated among entrepreneurs:

“The trend in sustainability businesses in Qatar has been increasing steadily over the past 5 years. There’s a growing interest in green technologies and eco-friendly products, leading to the establishment of various sustainable startups”. 

Enavra stands out as a startup crafting a new era of eco-conscious living, introducing compostable and environmentally friendly food packaging. Specializing in biodegradable cutlery and boxes, Enavra’s creations are designed to seamlessly return to nature, in stark contrast to the enduring legacy of traditional plastics. More than that, Enavra empowers social sustainability, as they are producing their products strictly in Qatar. They rightfully take pride in driving economic and social sustainability by supporting local manufacturers, while also minimizing their carbon footprint, as there’s no need for transportation.

Enavra’s commitment to sustainability is a testament to Qatar’s journey towards sustainable picnics, allowing you to savor every bite while enjoying fresh air with no second thoughts.

In the vibrant scenery of environmental activism in Qatar, Aisha Saleh Al Maaded, a dedicated founder and environmental activist, initiated the remarkable journey of a startup called Greener Future back in 2018. Inspired by her observations during four years of studying abroad, where environmental awareness campaigns were prevalent, Aisha felt a distinct need for similar initiatives in Qatar.

Since its inception, Greener Future has evolved, encompassing a broader spectrum of environmental issues. With a primary focus on reducing waste through reuse and recycling, the initiative places a significant emphasis on providing practical solutions applicable in daily life. Encouraging simple behavioral changes, such as carrying reusable shopping bags or utensils, Greener Future champions the idea that small changes can lead to significant impacts.

What sets Greener Future apart is its simple yet impactful approach to disseminating information. Steering clear of jargon and complex statistics, the initiative employs accessible language and practical examples, making environmental consciousness relatable. While adopting a straightforward approach, Greener Future ensures that scientific expertise backs its advocacy, with environmental specialists embedded in the team.

Looking forward, Greener Future envisions collaboration with governmental entities like the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Municipality. The aspiration extends beyond awareness campaigns to active participation in shaping environmental legislation. 

Aisha and her team aim to offer environmental consultations to the public, cultivating a future where sustainability is ingrained in the fabric of Qatari society. 

Founded in 2022 by a retired female U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and combat veteran, Skydrops is not simply a water company, but the redefining business. 

Crazy, but true — Skydrops harnesses atmospheric water using cutting-edge U.S. patented technology, creating a sustainable source with a near-zero carbon footprint. With their invention, Skydrops address two crucial challenges of modern reality: water scarcity and waste management. 

How it works: atmospheric water is meticulously collected in their Doha water plant, utilizing humidity in the air. The water is then elegantly packaged in glass, be-a-u-ti-ful aluminum, stainless steel or 100% biodegradable, plant-based PLA bottles — (obviously) a departure from the traditional single-use plastics that contribute to environmental concerns. Just think for a second — bottling the humid air, these guys not only monetized the worst enemy for the UAE and Qatar people [humidity], but are also making our world a better place.

Must mention: Skydrops not only delivers water but also picks up, sanitizes, and refills their reusable bottles, ensuring a closed-loop system that minimizes waste and maximizes sustainability. 

Сreated in 1996, Seashore Recycling and Sustainability Group stands at the forefront of Qatar’s environmental transformation, embodying a steadfast dedication to recycling and sustainability. Positioned as a leading environmentally focused organization, their mission is clear: to champion recycling practices and sustainable living in the country.

Seashore offers an amusing range of recycling services, covering the entire spectrum of recyclable materials. From paper and metal to e-waste, plastic, glass, batteries, textiles, and even used cooking oil. 

The company truly provides a holistic approach to waste management, ensuring that no resource goes untapped in their pursuit of sustainability.

Already amused? Well, they have more!

Seashore actively engages the community by providing volunteer opportunities for people of all ages. This hands-on involvement allows individuals to contribute directly to the company’s recycling and sustainability initiatives.

Through such a palette of services, they not only facilitate the responsible disposal of materials but also empower individuals and businesses to actively participate in the environmental cause. As a vital resource in Qatar’s green landscape, Seashore is more than a company — it’s a catalyst for change, shaping a future where recycling and sustainability are not just activities but a way of life.

At the heart of Wa’hab’s mission lies a commitment to bridging the gap between surplus food and those in need, fostering a symbiotic relationship that not only addresses hunger but also combats food wastage. Wa’hab envisions a world where excess fresh food doesn’t meet a fate in landfills but instead becomes a lifeline for the less fortunate in Qatar.

Wa’hab is a movement driven by a profound sense of responsibility. With a mission to feed the less fortunate categories of society, the company partners with food outlets and charities to salvage excess food, carefully packaging and delivering it to beneficiaries. Wa’hab’s vision extends beyond eradicating hunger — it aims to create communities where no one goes to bed hungry, and no food meets an untimely demise in a landfill.

Wa’hab doesn’t stop at rescuing food from the brink of waste. It goes the extra mile to divert food waste away from landfills. Using advanced logistics and technology, Wa’hab transforms food waste generated at project sites and large F&B outlets into high-quality Grade-A compost (the celebrity in the world of mulch). This closed fermentation technology, complete with odor control and mechanical aeration, along with eco-friendly processing using microbes, marks a revolutionary step towards creating a safer environment with a reduced carbon footprint.

In essence, Wa’hab is not just a business, but it’s a beacon of change, forging a path where surplus food becomes a force for good, nourishing communities, and sustaining environments for a brighter, more sustainable future in Qatar.

Looking at these five initiatives, we can recognize the importance of this dialogue in society, and improvements in sustainability are essential and necessary. Despite the considerable progress that has already been made, there are still fields awaiting enhancements: 

“While progress has been made, some sectors, such as waste management and water conservation, still have room for improvement. Qatar is working on addressing these challenges to enhance its green initiatives further.”

According to Huda, the state recognizes this greatly:

“The government of Qatar actively supports eco initiatives and sustainability startups through incentives, grants, and partnerships. They are encouraging innovation in the green sector and providing a conducive environment for these businesses to thrive.”

Hence, we can all count on the government’s support in the development of many beautiful eco-initiatives. And the overall diagnosis would be positive:

“Qatar’s green presence is growing, but there is more work to be done to achieve a fully sustainable future. With ongoing efforts and a commitment to environmental conservation, Qatar is on the right path to a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.”

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