Dubai is a city that boasts a stunning skyline, luxurious shopping centers, and bustling streets all year round. However, during the summer months, the heat can be unbearable for many people who are not used to it (though all of our interviewees are convinced that this year is waaay cooler than the previous one). Those who live in Dubai for many years have learned to cope with the blistering summer heat. In this article, we explore how these long-term residents adapt and cope with the enduring summer season here.


Laura Lai Coughlin

Occupation: freelance writer in Dubai
@whatsondubai • @britishvogue • @nymag • @michelinguide

Main Tips:

  • Get used to the heat and then find a new exciting hobby
    (skiing in Ski Dubai sounds great, huh?).

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Laura is a well-known writer in Dubai who regularly contributes to such popular magazines as What’s On Dubai, British Vogue, NYMag and Michelin.

She moved from the UK to Dubai 12 years ago and was struck by the heat. But as the years went by, Laura learned to cope with it.

She highlights that there are now many ways to fully enjoy the summer season though you should be ready to change your lifestyle a bit. Start your outdoor activities at 6-7 am, have a small siesta and then go check the city’s countless indoor attractions. Laura notes that every year new indoor entertainment options pop up so you can really enjoy summertime traveling and trying new things.


Moe, a Sudanese born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has been living in the UAE since 2018. After traveling around the world and studying in Russia and China, he landed a job in Dubai. You may think that years spent under the blazing Jeddah’s sun prepared Moe for the stifling hot summer days in the UAE. However, for him it was quite challenging (not as challenging as for EU residents, but still).

Being an aircraft engineering major, Moe has a deep understanding of environmental issues. He states that the main inconvenience is posed by humidity — and that’s why his tips are focused on how to overcome this challenge precisely.

Moe’s piece of advice for new Dubai residents? Get ready for an “outdoor sauna” and buy separate outfits for every meeting (especially business ones). Yes, air conditioners make life easier so check your car’s AC condition but beware that you can easily catch a cold. Getting sick in summer is no fun obviously.

Still, Dubai is eager to become more sustainable. Moe sees the rapid growth of green zones in the city. That is why, he believes, this summer is not as hot as the previous one. It’s scientifically proven that greens help reduce temperature.

Mohamed Elfatih (Moe)

Occupation: Head of Support

Main Tips:
◦ Drink lots of water

  • Check if your car’s AC is ready for the summer
  • Don’t forget to buy some cold meds. As ironic as it may sound, you are likely to catch a cold during Dubai’s hot summer months. AC is everywhere. 
  • Always (always!) have your showering kit and spare clothes for changin
  • Dubai sounds great, huh?).

visiting since 2008, living since 2018

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Agit Salman

Occupation: Athlete, cycling coach by SSISA Sport science, Oakley Brand Ambassador @oakley, Wolfies Consultant @wolfis 

Main Tips:

  • Nutrition is the key! As well as hydration: drink enough water and make sure you consume magnesium, especially if you train regularly 
  • Summer is time to spend more time in the gym
  • Easy, Bessy! Meaning — you can start your training early in the morning and then have breaks every hour. Have some water/ gel/ protein bar. Repeat. 

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Agit, a member of the Turkish national cycling team and a real Ironman (4 times Turkish Mountain Bike Champion and 5 times Ironman 70.3 finisher) shared some tips on how to stay fit and active during Dubai’s summertime.

Cycling in heat of 50+ degrees sounds like a nightmare for many, but Agit believes that people from the UAE are very much interested in this kind of activity (thanks to the young cycling star Tadej Pogačar — the treasure of the UAE’s team). The government of Dubai has invested plenty of money in great cycling tracks (like DXBike and Al Qoudra) and initiatives to encourage people to cycle during winter. Cycling in summer can also be a pleasant experience. To prove that, the “Loop” project was born (of which Agit is a huge fan) — a soon to be built 93 km climate-controlled cycling and running urban highway. Agit waits for this project to change Dubai’s life for the better and summarizes his speech: “The UAE is doing its best to address climate change concerns”.


Kate — a client manager at a leisure yachting company — is definitely a sports lover and she claims to pursue this lifestyle throughout the summer as well. Kate copes with the heat by adjusting her schedule for early morning outdoor activities and suggesting indoor ones — in places with AC. She encourages people to not be afraid of the heat and believes that one can easily adapt to it.

Kate believes Dubai is constantly improving, and there is always something new to explore. Dubai’s infrastructure is nearly the best in the world but she points out that it would be great to see some advancement in public transportation and believes the system will get better. “Summer in Dubai leaves you with a sunburn on your nose and beautiful tan lines to remember,” Kate says.


Occupation: Client manager at Wind Rises @windrisesdubai

Main Tips:

  • Enjoy your summer lifestyle, but switch to earlier hours! That’s the best trick 
  • “I’m quite sporty, I lead quite an active lifestyle. What keeps me energized during summer? From sailing or Jetski to ping pong or badminton, which are indoors”

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Occupation: works in hospitality, supervisor of @soondxb

Main Tips:

  • Use that s u n s c r e e n (even if you don’t like it)
  • Don’t go to the beach — or at least don’t stay there for hours
  • Have your sweaters at hand as you will spend a lot of time indoors (and AC is crazy)
  • Wear light colours, fight your urge for total black!
  • Remember: 5-6 am is the perfect time for your active lifestyle. And come back before noon!
  • You’ll spend most of the day indoors. Keep that in mind.

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“Summer is easy to cope with,” says Tony, a keen fan of Dubai nightlife scene. What makes him think so? Air conditioners (and that is why, he notes, you’d better take a sweater with you wherever you go).

Tony was deeply impressed by the fact that public transport in Dubai — let alone cabs — is extremely comfortable. Here, you are fortunate enough to avoid the-sweating-like-a-pig experience as the city’s subway stations and trains are air-conditioned (as opposed to those in Moscow or London, for instance).

Speaking of fun life and hospitality, you can still count on crowds of beautiful, kind and happy people.

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