Sustainability is all around us, and more and more industries are taking steps towards eco-friendliness. Here is everything to know about green art and design, eco-conscious fashion brands and destinations. No need to hesitate on where to go and where to shop in Dubai — we’ve got your back.


Firetti Contemporary

Al Quoz 1, Street 8
Alserkal Avenue, Unit 29

Located on Alserkal Avenue, Firetti Contemporary sees art as a vehicle for change: both social and environmental. Created by Mara Firetti, the art expert with 15 years of experience, this gallery promotes global interaction through meaningful and sustainable collections.

Fun fact: Firretti in Italian means “a piece of iron” or “wire”.

Quartz Architects

The Quartz Architects, an architectural and design firm with a spicy Saudi-Italian DNA, stunned the visitors of the latest Dubai Design Week with one of the most honest installations — “How much does your debris weigh?

As stated in their Instagram account, Quartz Team’s goal is to honor local heritage, nature, and environment through design and architecture. The idea came from the statistics of 2012, which revealed the fact that 40 countries produce around three billion metric tons of waste.

Quartz’s installation — made of demolished materials and waste donated by Dulsco company — questions the solution of repurposing waste and emphasizes materiality.
Huda Lighting and Vibia provided architectural lighting, and WeBrand produced reflective flooring.The installation invites people to redesign and rethink their surroundings and investigates the condition of different materials post-construction.

Nabil Nahas

Al Quoz 1, Al Serkal Avenue 21
Lawrie Shabibi Gallery

Nature-inspired artworks by world-famous Beirut-born artist Nabil Nahas can be found in Lawrieshabibi’s collection. The art gallery, established in 2010 in the Al Quoz district of Dubai, focuses primarily on underrepresented and often elderly artists who explore issues concerning identity, memory, history, politics and social justice. 

So it comes as no surprise that Lawrieshabibi represents artworks by Nabil Nahas who draws inspiration from nature and occasionally Islamic art and is known for his use of colour and texture. He is most famous for his “sea stars” and fractal paintings (one of which you can find in the Lawrieshabibi’s collection), where one can see nautical creatures influenced by heat or otherwise, highlighting the resourcefulness of nature as an artist’s inspiration.



803, Yes Business Tower
Barsha 1, Dubai

The most eco-friendly candles in UAE are those made by Innara — Dubai-based brand founded in 2018 by Guddi Bajaj. She has collaborated on international sustainable programs with a focus on co-creating models and fair sharing — and pursued her passion for sustainable manufacturing by turning construction waste and green concrete into candles. (How exactly? Check Innara’s Instagram reels — and you’ll see the whole process).

If you have a creative calling, go check Guddi’s edutainment workshops on sustainable arts and crafts for both children and adults.


Trace is a ceramic brand created by the fresh graduate from Tashkeel Studio, Maryam Elattar.

Maryam is a self-taught ceramist and illustrator (insane, right?) who reflects on the concepts of human consciousness and nature. You can find and purchase her pieces on her Instagram page, @trace_creations.

Jaipur Rugs

A3, Alserkal Avenue, 
17th St, Al Quoz 

Jaipur Rugs brand was established in 1978 by NK Chaudhary with the aim of transforming the carpet industry through a unique approach. They collaborate directly with artisans and provide them with tools and resources to enhance their communities’ socio-economic welfare through a sustainable livelihood.

Currently, the company has expanded globally to become a forerunner in the rug-manufacturing sector, with the primary objective of mending and benefiting everyone involved in the organization: buyers, suppliers, employees, local communities, partners, artisans, and customers. These guys take care of the whole chain, and you can now enjoy their cozy and unique rugs completely guilt-free.

Curate Home

A4, AI Serkal Avenue,

Curate holds a unique collection of sustainable and ethically made products, with a focus on quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. The brand offers a perception of home as a reflection of one’s personality and provides one with a comfortable sanctuary, stating. As they say, in Сurate “we don’t want you to choose between shopping at a value and shopping for your values”.

Curate’s products are a testament to slow, ethical living. The brand is committed to ensuring fair wages for all their artisans who contribute their skills to create unique and high-quality items.


The Giving Moment

City Walk 2, Courtyard
(Next to Noodle House)

TGM is known for its green initiatives and eco-friendly position. The UAE-based brand uses such sustainable materials as recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton. The latter is debatable but we’ll get there at some point and Sparklify the textile industry, so it will be more enjoyable.

TGM also uses eco-friendly packaging and carbon-neutral shipping, and these guys donate a portion of their profits to organizations that promote sustainability. Besides, TGM is not afraid to talk about the negative impact of fast fashion and encourages consumers to choose sustainable options only. You can easily find the impact report dated 2021 on its page, as well as the claimed list of materials — TGM is keepin’ it as transparent as possible.

Kaleidoscope by Mimi

Dubai mall
Downtown Dubai 

Kaleidoscope by Mimi is a brand that creates vivid, cheerful and sustainable clothing that makes you feel free. The brand focuses on promoting ethical and socially responsible practices by partnering with artisan cooperatives and NGOs to preserve traditional arts. They source raw materials directly from the communities that handcraft them and give back to the artisans and their families through education, entrepreneurship, and community-building initiatives. They also create their crazy cool pieces for all ages and sizes, promoting social sustainability and inclusivity!


SURF HOUSE Dubai, Villa 12a 3 A St, 
Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah 3

OHOY Swim is a sustainable swimwear brand (yes, ethical swimwear exists). The brand was founded by two friends who were inspired by their love for the ocean and wanted to make something aligned with their values of sustainability practices. The brand’s ethos is focused on using eco-friendly and recycled materials such as recycled fishing nets to create their swimwear. So, you can claim you’re a mermaid once you get the OHOY Swim bikini.

Brand prioritizes ethical production processes and fair labor practices, supports ocean conservation efforts and partners with organizations like Healthy Seas that promote sustainability. OHOY Swim encourages its customers to adopt sustainable practices and make a positive impact on the environment. Being one of the few recycle-oriented swimwear brands, OHOY Swim really stands out, committing to sustainability and creating high-quality, eco-friendly swimwear.

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